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Selling your property is a big decision and can often feel overwhelming and demanding, which is why I simplify the process for you. Below are some of the steps you can expect to take during your home sale.

Moving House


Buying a house is a big investment, so potential buyers will be looking in all the nooks and cracks! I'm here to guide you on how to prepare for home selling.


Cleaning your home is important. Once you’ve decided to sell, declutter your home (this will help you for when you move as well!) First impressions matter, so the tidier and cleaner it is, the better the impression on potential buyers. You should also de-personalize your home by removing items such as picture frames, and other sentimental items. You want the buyer to be able to imagine themselves living in the home.


It is also wise to make a list of renovations and repairs (with invoices if you have them) made to your property since you’ve owned the home. It's best to let me know if there are any issues with your home – transparency is key in building trust and protecting you down the road.


Gather all your documents such as warranties, manuals, and utility/tax bills. This will help answer any questions buyers may have, such as monthly costs. It’s also a good idea to make an extra key for viewings to place in a lockbox.


Most importantly, get a home pre-inspection. This will be useful in identifying any issues with your home when it comes down to negotiating an offer, and so that you can decide whether to deal with them in advance.

Buying a House


I will work with you to target your sale for a specific audience so that they will fall in love with your home! For example, some areas and properties may be more appealing to young couples, or families with children. Staging and marketing your home toward this audience goes a long way in making an impression. For example, if we want to target your home for a new and growing family, we will want to stage it specifically to change the look of one of the bedrooms into a child’s room. Alternatively, if it’s a young couple who works from home, we may want to stage a home office. Staging your property for sale is important and can increase the price of your home.


As your sales representative, I can provide you with a list of recommendations for reliable third-party vendors and professional services. Additionally, as part of my service, I will hire a professional real estate photographer to make sure your home listing pops!



Pricing your home is important; every home and sale is different. I will take the time to go over the options with you - pricing for a bidding war, pricing high with intentions to negotiate or pricing your home at market value. Many things can affect the price of your home at any given time such as: recent home sales in your neighbourhood, the state of the market, the size and condition of your home, and location to name a few. I will take a catered approach at pricing your home to get you the best value.



The best practice is for the seller to leave the home during viewings. You will always be alerted in advance of a viewing, and you will have the option to accept or decline based on whether the timing works for you.


Open houses can be great because they allow potential buyers to browse the property, and for you to garner interest for your home. It can also be a bonus as multiple prospective buyers can view the property at once, maximizing the number of views your home gets.

As your sales representative, I will discuss the options with you to make sure you're comfortable with the approach we're taking.



It is my job as your sales representative to represent you in the exchange. Once an offer is presented, I can advise you if its best to negotiate, reject or accept the offer and I will always negotiate with your best interests at heart. Ultimately, it will be your decision (the seller) on the conditions of the offer, when and how it is presented to you, and which offer is accepted.

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